Saturday, 31 March 2007

I wasn't the blonde - for once!

On BBC's website I found an article about old April Fool's Day jokes and there was one about spaghetti growing on trees. ( In one of the replies a man mentions that his grandmother - as a result of this joke - found it impossible to believe that pineapples grew on fields when she later in life visited him in Kenya.

Boyfriend and I commented on how the joke must have left the poor lady traumatized and then I said that I didn't really know how pineapples grow.

Boyfriend laughs and says in a patronising way; "On palmtre...." before going all quiet and red and walks away. And this is where I cried from laughing so hard. I may not know how a pineapple grows or what the plant looks like but I do know that they do not grow on palmtrees!

I have as of 5 minutes ago, acquired the knowledge about pineapple plants and what they look like. All thanks to

I may be blonde but I'm not always the blonde...

this is a pineapple field...

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