Friday, 7 October 2011

Traditional Dalarna

There is a period in my life I feel both happy and hateful towards and that time is my Uni-time in Sweden.   You see, I studied at this place in the middle of Sweden and I really, really did not like living there but to transfer to another place would have meant that I would have had to add on extra years to my degree as other Universities did not accept all courses as "signed off".

The town was lovely in itself and I thought I would like it as it was neither too big nor too small which would make sense for a country girl like me. But the problem was that it was too small to be "big" and too big to be "small". If that makes any sense at all. And I was fairly miserable and it made me dull and boring beyond belief as I stayed in my room/dorm most of the time.

But. I would not have met Husband if I hadn't studied there (they sent us to Sheffield Uni) and Toddler N would, obviously, not exist. Horror!! So I love this place because of that.

And... I just love their traditional crafts. The Dalecarlian horse is beautiful and I have 4 on display in my house. 1 that is from my Paternal Grandmother's family from early 1900's, 1 that was my Maternal Grandmother's from her honeymoon, 1 that my mom got when she was a child on a family holiday and 1 from my our own family holiday when I was 14. And! A-K (a good friend of mine) and her family sent us a lovely cushion cover with such a horse for our wedding! And God help the little nose that wipes snot on that cushion!!*

I would also LOVE to find a really neat print or something similar that would be perfect above the bed. Or dress the headboard in a colourful Kurbits patterned fabric in our "new" bedroom which will basically be just white...

I have found a site where they sell fantastic, fabulous cushions etc but I am not willing to pay £1000 (yes, a thousand pounds) for a cushion. It is possibly to buy a kit but I am not anywhere near good enough to even attempt to do that type of embroidery. But I'm not giving up. Not yet anyway and IF I was to win the EuroMillions then I'll buy one of those cushions. Or 3.

Check out this blog if you're interested.

*Toddler N is currently in a nose-snot-wiping phase, mostly on my sweaters as he comes up from behind and "cuddles", on my face - again in disguise as cuddles - and of course, his own sleeves...

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