Friday, 21 October 2011

A Leather and Tweed personality

Ok, so you caught me doing absolutely nothing on the afternoon that Toddler N is at nursery. The kitchen is a mess. Clothes in boxes as we haven't received all the drawers for the wardrobes yet... and I am sort of drowning from everything the past week. yet again I go from upbeat to really low in a matter of minutes. I am not bipolar but stressed so Husband and I said this afternoon was to be spent doing nada, nothing, ingenting, nichts. So I am doing just that. Ingenting.

But I am trailing youtube for songs that I've always liked but sort of not listening to anymore... and this is the best cover of this song that I am aware of. I was into Marilyn Manson's music quite a bit at the start of uni. Had a full length leather coat (classy) high heeled leather boots (also classy) and I was skinny so had an awesome pair of tight, tight leather pants...* bet you didn't know that. Under this geeky exterior lies a soul colder that ice and all that bitch-nonsense.. well, maybe not anymore but once. When life was oh so much simpler - but not necessarily better. But I admit that sometimes I can feel the uber-bitch wanting to come put and play. So then I listen to some music and transforms into the Ice-Queen** for... oh I don't know.... 3 minutes and 31 seconds. And then I'm good for a while.

I've got an hour before I turn into Toddler N's mom wearing highly modest - very much not leather - when picking him up from nursery.***


*Still have a massive thing for leather. Nothing seedy. But leather boots.. leather bracelets/cuffs. God, I love my leather boots. The Smell of leather... I could stand in a horse and rider shop for ages and just sniff the saddles
**Mrs E used to call me that...
** and not in the sweatpants I am currently slopping around in.

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