Friday, 19 August 2011

Stressed Bliss

It's been a while because I've been too busy, too stressed and too bloody angry to write here.

Busy due to our upcoming nuptials. Stressed due to upcoming nuptials and Bloody angry due to the absolutely useless people we've managed to become friends with. or some of them anyway.

I completely and totally regret trying to be helpful and sort out accommodation when some are taking the piss and even though we've chased and continuously asked if they want to stay, details of arrival/departure etc. Finally I had enough and said "fuck 'em" they haven't replied so we're not booking a room for them and whadd'ya know. Now they want to get in touch... whatever.

Some of these people I sort of just want to tell: "hand me the present and it better be a BIG one due to the hassle you've caused us and once that's been done - piss off".  But I am a better person than that so I won't say it but trust me, they'll know that they've made me more stressfull than what's been needed.

and then there's the soloist who called to say she can't sing all legit reasons, mind you, but still. It didn't slow my heart rate down one bit!

Anyhow, Baby N was an absolute gem during the flight even though I was petrified he'd cause a riot. Such a blessing that little one. Although he's now making up for his good behaviour. He's a MENACE!! We have to keep an eye on him every second he's awake. I'd laugh if I wasn't so exhausted.

Boyfriend's coming tomorrow and I've missed him. I keep telling myself, when everything feels like it's going to crumble, that this is to make me and Boyfriend husband and wife and we already have Baby N so everything else is just minor stuff.

Am looking forward to it though and it'll be so much fun seeing people I ahven't seen for aaages. Yup, this is a good thing. It truly is. <3


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Miss E said...

Vi ser också fram emot att få delta i ert bröllop - ska bli jättekul! En vecka kvar - helt sjukt så snabbt det går - 2 veckor för oss!

Ses snart! Kram