Monday, 11 July 2011

Hag-Do & Baby Love

Boyfriend and I had a combined hen-do and stag-night this past weekend. Boyfriend's Best Man arranged for us and our closest friends to go to Oulton Hall outside Leeds for a weekend of relax and FUN. The boys played golf on saturday afternoon while us girls headed for the spa.

I was fan-bloody-tastic! I really, really needed that full body massage!

And in the evening we had a 3 course meal with "how well do you know each other" games and it was obvious that Boyfriend and I know each other disgustingly well. I say it's all down to those years spent as long-distance where telephone and emails were the only form of contact we had.

Anyhow. It was amazingly fun! I haven't had such a good time whilst still knowing that I wouldn't wake up totally exhausted. Great! Sunday am was also spent at the Spa but only to wander in between the sauna, pool, steam room, cold shower, sauna....

I cannot explain how lovely it was although I missed Baby N the whole time and was upset that I wouldn't get to snuggle with him on Sunday morning as I woke up at 5 anyway. Oh well.

And for those of you who feel that Boyfriend is missing out on a massive "piss up" - don't worry. They're going to have a night out for him when I've gone off to Sweden in august. He'll get his fill.

And then there's my ulcer and all that but for now I'll just focus on how much fun the weekend was and how happy I was to snuggle up with the little Fart-Man even though he wakes up ridiculously early.

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Miss E said...

Sounds lovely!