Thursday, 7 April 2011


I went out for a drink/meal with a friend last night and let me tell you that I just cannot remember the last time that happened. Way, way before Baby N! Boyfriend and I enjoy going out so we've always done that together, before and after Baby N.

Anyway, I got home at 22.00. V had work today (like most people) and I was a little bit concerned that it would be a night of comforting Baby N as he had a bit of a temperature - no worries there though. Once I got home I just climbed into bed without bothering about removing my make-up. Brushing teeth when I am exhausted - that I can do - but not the rest.

I didn't look in the mirror this morning as I usually get ready a bit later on when Baby N is happy to be confined in his cot (he can't get out and so I know where he is while I'm in the shower), and when I finally did - Oh My! There were only remnants of make-up on my left eye. The right one was completely nude/bare/unmade-up. I had a moment of panic and thought "shit, I've really become a mom, the kind that leaves the house, child all sorted, but with slippers, rollers in hair and possibly yesterday's knickers hanging out from the trouserleg"...

I think I put make-up on both eyes but I cannot be 100% sure.

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