Monday, 24 January 2011

I need a Nerd

I call them Nerds in a loving way because I need them and I love them and I am one myself but not in this particular area. The area I am talking about is, of course, computers. Horrible, evil* and nasty things when they're not working how they should or do what I want them to do or not to do.**

At my old [perfect and wonderful in every single way] job in Sweden I had the computer techs sitting in an office right next to where my desk was. It was great! All I had to do was swear a little and one of them would call out "Do you need us, Emma?" and I'd whimper "Yeeeeees, pleeeeeeease!!" and then they'd come and fix whatever was needed. Not only where they good at it but they were funny and constantly took the piss out of me but it was just another reason to like them even more and the main tech guy is definitely one of those I miss the most from there...

Oh my, am I digressing or what? I guess it's because I signed my letter of resignation this past weekend and though it's from a job I'm not too bothered about, it makes me miss my old job all the more...***

Anyway, I need a computer nerd to help me as there is something I just don't understand and it makes me annoyed and impatient. Never mind - I'll have to ask Boyfriend when he comes home tonight (at 9pm). Although I would have liked to get it done NOW when the Little Man is having his morning snooze. I'll just do some laundry instead. The joys of a Mom at Home ;)

* I swear that they have a conscious mind and are just waiting to mess with me. Evil, I say. They're E V I L!! I love this computer though (please don't punish me for saying computers are Evil!!)
**auto-correct or whatever it is called just pisses me off immensely
*** We don't talk about my experience as a teacher here in England. Those were the worst 6 months of my life.

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