Friday, 5 November 2010


So, found out that another one of my girls is pregnant - and with twins!! I'm really excited and I know she'll be a great mom. A-K's always been so caring and considerate about others, I just hope she will remember to focus on herself and her babies during and after pregnancy.

A-K; Please don't let certain people get to you, demanding your help because they're feeling down or going back to their old bad ways. If you know who I'm talking about then please know that she's had all available help offered but she refuses and you can't help someone who doesn't want to help herself or do the hard bit herself. She's an adult and must therefore ask those who can help. It may sound harsh and cold BUT this is the time when you and your little ones are the main priority. Nothing else matters. If people are giving you a hard time about other things /anything, either let it pass and refuse to rise to the challenge or take drastic decisions and say, "I need to be in a calm and loving place and if you can't provide that then I'll have to ask you to please stay away. Me and my babies' health is the most important thing." And then it's their decision if they want to be a part of such a precious time or not. I had to do that during my pregnancy and it was worth it for not having the worry and stress.

I'm sorry if it ended up a lecture, it was not my intention. I just want you to be well and safe and enjoying this lovely, lovely moment. It may be 9 months but it's all too brief anyway. I'm here if you need someone to talk to - just send me a msg on FB and I can call you on your landline (we've got free calls to Swedish landlines).


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Anonymous said...

Du är bäst Emma! <3
Varma kramar A-K