Monday, 1 November 2010

Quick Thoughts About 3 Celebs

Apparently the "working girl" Charlie Sheen was with is planning to sue him.
  • I am NOT surprised even though I don't know what for as I could not be bothered reading beyond the headline. CS, are you the 1/2 man in your show? Be one and sort yourself out.

Betty White, hailed by some as amazingly funny and an even more amazing actress
  • What can I say? All she seems to do is pop up everywhere and say "F*** This" and F*** That" as if that takes a lot of talent. I do that every day! And as far as an amazing actress?? Well, I do like Lake Placid - no thanks to her - but if I had known what was coming I probably would have pushed her in front of the croc myself.
Lily Allen
  • I cannot imagine the pain she is going through and all I can say is that I am thinking of her. What's happened is horrible! Bless.

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