Thursday, 4 November 2010

Downton Abbey

I have rarely seen such quality of script, acting - well, pretty much everything is perfect. I am a little bit sad by the fact that it was written for TV so there is not a book to read. It's not a big deal but I would so have loved to read it. But - I am very happy with it and Boyfriend is as enthusiastic as I am though he was very reluctant to start watching a new period drama, "Isn't it enough with Pride & Prejudice?", he said but now he claims Downton Abbey to be just as good. Not bad for a guy who doesn't generally like my type of TV-shows.

Maggie Smith is absolutely fantastic, as always. She can take the worst script ever and make her character better than good and as the script (by Julian Fellowes) already is amazing... well, you can guess how brilliant Dame Smith is! The delivery of lines and little tiny changes in her expression! I think I have a little bit of an actress-crush on her!

I cannot wait until next Sunday for the series finale but I will hate the wait until the next start. I've already pre-booked the DVD on and I'll probably watch that a few times until they let us of the hook.

Watch it if you have the possibility. You will NOT be disappointed! And if you are? Well, then you're just an idiot who don't understand quality and brilliance when you see it.

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