Tuesday, 26 October 2010

4 Things...

...about Me and My Day. Found @ Miss E's blog.

4 TV-shows I Watch:
Downton Abbey
Project Runway
Mad Men

4 things I've done today:
replaced my bandage on my finger
Emptied washing machine, hung up laundry, reloaded said washing machine.
Walked in pouring rain up a very steep hill. Came all the way to the location for the baby group and couldn't remember if I'd closed the garage door. Turned around. Garage closed. Wet for nothing
Cuddled Baby N for a long time.

4 things I long for:
To not be sick
To not be this size
To not being so tired all the time
A weekend away

4 items on my wish list:
New bed
Sewing machine
A couple of million £

A long happy life for Baby N

4 things I detest:
In The Night Garden
Being cold

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