Friday, 30 October 2009

Growing Old

Boyfriend went out on a pay day social last night and had arranged to have dinner beforehand with his old house mates from Uni. I buzzed him in at 00.30 which was quite early considering his history of pay day socials (he's usually back way later). The one thing he said before drifting off into sleep was:

"We've changed sooo much since our Uni days. We used to talk about where we were going, where the fittest girls would be and all saying we wouldn't bother turning up to lectures, hospitals the next day so we could get absolutely pissed but now...

...I found myself talking to T about us heading off home early to make sure we wouldn't be late for surgery in the morning, that the wine wasn't a nice year and also.... Listen to this Ems: I asked him, I asked him, if he and A had found Phil & Ted to be a good brand. I mean, we're having dinner at a restaurant and this is what we talk about... Jeeesus - we're getting old, aren't we?"

I was in no position to laugh, I'd gotten into bed at ten.

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Miss E said...

Ha ha ha, I know the feeling, but let's face it - we are old and even though they're still little boys they are quite old as well :-)