Tuesday, 13 October 2009

At least I'll be warm and cosy...

It's been too many cute and sickly sweet posts of late here and it's time to change that. Radically.

Boyfriend's grandmother died last week (Wednesday) and the funeral was yesterday (Monday) - they're really quick in getting them into the ground here. England is usually so slow with everything and it can take F O R E V E R to get anything sorted here (am not only thinking about our house purchase) but when it comes to death and funerals: Holy Cow! I don't know if I am to be impressed or shocked. Take your pick.

It was my first English funeral and it was a nice sombre service. I was eager to show off my knowledge when singing the hymn "The Lord is My Shepherd" as I know it very well from The Vicar of Dibley - a brilliant show - and I could barely contain my disappointment when the melody was totally, completely different. I admit I had a bit of a sulky moment which is a very selfish thing to have during a funeral. But never mind, it's not like I'll be going to heaven anyway as the Priest so kindly reminded us in the sermon that "only those who follow Jesus will enter heaven". Again, I was not showing a lot of respect as I looked as the Priest and thought "Fuck you!"

I am most certainly destined for purgatory/hell.

Here's the highlights of the weekend; the trip up was alright - just a bit of carsickness. The way back home, however, was slightly not so good. I was ready to be put into the ground by the time we were back home. I have never in my life been so ill for just being in a car. We had to stop for more than 1 hour at one point to let me breath in the fresh air. Feeling a bit better we set off again only to drive through an area where the very efficient farmer had spread manure on his fields. Very smelly manure.

Luckily I had a bag handy, as it was impossible to stop, and you can use your imagination as to what it was used for but moments like that should be spent in a bathroom where once dignity can be somewhat intact by kneeling in front of/hugging the loo alone. Ooooh -the shame.*

*see, selfish again. what is a bit of barf compared to being dead?


tova said...

beklagar dödsfallet! Hur går det med huset??:)

Ems said...

Tack. Huskopet gar framat - Mannen som ska kope var lagenhet vill ha nycklarna den 5/11 sa vi hoppas att vi kan fa nycklarna till huset den 6/11. Det vore riktigt skont om vi kunde fa allt klappat o klart... da har vi namligen en massa plats om det ar nagra som vill halsa pa ;)

Allt val?