Monday, 2 April 2007

A nice sunny day.

Had a walk up to town and spent some time in Waterstone's just looking at different books. I have a couple to read but it doesn't hurt browsing just in case... After that I had a 6" Veggie Delite at Subway - I like their VGs. Then I went to Coop and bought some bread to go with our soup tonight. Boyfriend and I are into soup and the one we're having tonight is really nice.

I spoke to mom earlier. They had her walking up and down the stairs this morning which she managed perfectly so she's been discharged and as dad was in Hlmstd for a check-up on his finger, she could go home with him.

I am, apparently, to take a train from Kastrup and go to Angelholm where Sis and her husband will pick me up and take me home as they are going to spend the night there before driving up to Norrland- for whatever reason.

Anyway, I have to tidy up the flat before Boyfriend comes home from work. Well, I don't "have" to do it but it'd be nice to just spend the evening together without the boring chore of cleaning up. I always get annoyed with him for being "slow" - which he is - so it's better if I do it the way I want it done.

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